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We have a team who can help you in order for your business to run smoothly.
Running a business is not always easy and I have found over the years that a business is only as good as the people behind you!
What I have also found is those people come at a price, so we have the perfect solution to avoid commitments to regular salaries but still allowing you to do what you love to do. We don't just offer the fundamentals; we are people who understand the struggles that can occur when running your own business. A listening ear for ideas, a sounding board for problems you may be facing on a day to day basis.
We are a family run business and offer a friendly and reliable service to our clients.

Our Services include:

Core Services

Core Services

  • Bookkeeping
  • SAGE/Quickbooks or XERO
  • Manual Bookkeeping Service
  • Payroll and Payslips
  • Bank Reconciliation/Management
  • VAT Returns
  • End of Year Reports for your accountant
  • Profit and Loss
Human Resources

Human Resources

  • Polices and Procedures
  • Company Handbooks
  • Employment Contracts
  • Guidance on Employee Salaries and Benefits
  • Recruitment and Staffing
  • Offer Letters
  • Advice on Employee Absence and Performance
  • Virtual Assistant

Within the workplace

  • Health and Safety within the workplace
  • Risk Assessments
  • Support for ISO9001 Quality and Management

Virtual Assistance Service

A Business needs to grow and develop, but that doesn't always seem possible without the restraints of hiring staff.
So why not let us assist you in taking your business to the next level?
We can save you precious time and money giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best.

  • Manage contact lists and customer spreadsheets
  • Maintain a calendar and set up meetings on your behalf
  • Handle correspondence
  • Book your travel arrangements
  • Handle quoting and invoicing
  • Prepare and send meeting materials
  • Send out requested information to customers
  • Handle client inquiries by phone or e-mail

If what you are looking isn't on the list please get in touch as we can tailor to your needs.
Virtual Assistance prices from £15.00 per hour.

Why outsourcing can help your business!

Whether it was born out of passion, wanting a better work/life balance or independence in controlling your own income. We all have a reason for wanting to set up our own business. A skill or passion is usually the foundation. We all know the hard work it takes to get your ideas to fruition and how we have to adapt and become a jack of all trades to get your business off the ground. Marketing & Sales, customer service, inventor, maker and throw in the mix long hours and hard work.

The company starts to develop and before you know it the work/life balance is not what you thought it would be or you are distracted from the passion due to your workload!

You employ staff and realise with that comes responsibility. You now have to create contracts of employment along with essential processes in order to make your business function efficiently. That spare hour you had has now disappeared.
Bookkeeping is paramount and no matter what the size of your business may be, you are finding that evenings are spent catching up on those sales/purchase invoices and so on. Every business has different levels of demand depending on your business needs but it’s still an important factor to keep on top of your finances and cash flow.

Why choose us?

When business owners do their own books or HR it can sometimes be a false economy as it distracts your time from the importance of the day to day running that’s needed to move your business forward. By outsourcing you are freeing up your time to prioritise your talent and skills.

In unprecedented times for many businesses due to COVID -19 we are seeing major changes in company structures and unfortunately cost saving cuts are being made and when you outsource your bookkeeping or HR you only pay for what you need. Safe distancing is no problem as cloud-based software allows us to manage your books remotely and all paperwork for employees can be emailed over to you.

We don’t charge accountancy fees so why not give us a call and see how we can help you?

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Email: angela@ajtsolutions.co.uk
Phone: 07825 109403